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What Everybody Should Know About E-Collars for Proper Dog Training

| Dog Training | February 17, 2011

The world is moving to a new direction by ensuring that everything is attached with technology. And for dog training, there is nothing less to technology. Electronic collars have been developed to enhance dog training by exerting electron shocks that will act as simulation. The device comes with lots of advantages and also disadvantages in some areas have been experienced.

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Top 10 essential dog caring tips

| Care Tips, Dog Training, Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

maggie_girlImage by Bill in Ash Vegas via Flickr

Your dog is your companion who will give you many years of love, friendship and loyalty in exchange for loving care, safe shelter, clean water and decent food. They also rely on you to provide them with health care when they are ill and regular exercise and grooming to help keep them fit and healthy. Listed below are 10 essentials for keeping your dog fit and healthy for many years to come:

1. make sure that you give your dog a collar and that it includes an identity tag with your name and telephone number on it, or even better have an electronic tag fitted just under your dogs skin, this makes it easy to track your dog should it get lost or stolen.

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Professional dog training

| Dog Training | May 1, 2008

This Smooth Collie retrieves an obedience dumbbell made of wood; others are made of metal or plastic.Image via Wikipedia

A well behaved dog makes a perfect companion and pet and is a pleasure to have, however your dog isn’t born with this inbuilt good behaviour it is something which is taught to them preferably from an early age. The owner of the dog can take classes or read up on how to teach their pet obedience or the owner may prefer to take on the help and advice of a professional trainer instead.

Why is dog obedience a necessity?

Many times it is not just the dog who needs training it is the owner too, a dog is always willing to learn and eager to please its master and this doesn’t just apply to puppy’s it also applies to older dogs too. The old saying you can’t teach an old dog a new trick is so wrong, any dog regardless of their age can learn it just makes it easier if you start teaching your dog at a young age. Training is not only essential for safety reasons but it will also help to form a bond between dog and master.

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French bulldog house training & other breeds

| Dog Training | May 1, 2008

French Bulldog doing therapy visit at Senior's homeImage via Wikipedia

Some dogs will naturally pick up housetraining more easily than others, some breeds just love to please and this shows by the quickness they pick up housetraining, other breeds such as the French bulldog can just be downright stubborn or lazy. There are however two basic aspects to housebreaking your puppy and these are:

* Confinement so that your puppy cant go to the bathroom in the wrong place.

* Regular or constant access to the right place for your puppy to go to the bathroom.

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