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French bulldog care tips

| Care Tips | May 1, 2008

morrbooImage by Conson via Flickr

While your French bulldog is young try to avoid any forced jumping exercises, these include allowing your puppy to jump up onto the bed and back down from it, forced jumping or jumping up and down the stairs. This is mainly due to the vertical movements of this kind can increase the pressure on the cartridge of the articulations, any harm done to these early could cause deformation of the position of the legs. French bulldogs are still considered young until around 18 month of age.

The eyes
Some breeds of the French bulldog have been known to have 2 puntae instead of the correct 4; this can cause excessive tearing of the eye if this is the case with your French bulldog seek a vets advice for treatment.

Feeding your French bulldog
French bulldogs should be fed a quality brand of dried food or all natural meat diets, this is more a matter of personal choice for what feels right for you might not to another.

The French bulldog is very sensitive to becoming over heated, during the summer months care should be taken to make sure your dog doesn’t over heat, signs of heat exhaustion are reddening of the inside of the ears and excessive panting.

French bulldogs can have problems with their hips, hip dysplasia is an abnormal development of the hip bone which can be found in the French bull dog and it is thought that hip dysplasia is hereditary in the bulldog.

It is a good idea to put a little Vaseline on the nose of your French bull dog every now and again to stop it from drying out, a normal nose should be cool or wet but never dry and hot. If the nose is hot then you should take the dogs temperature and seek the advice of the vet.

Skin – Demodicosis
Demodex canis is a mite which only affects dogs with most dogs being carriers without showing any symptoms. Although demodex can affect a dog of any age it mainly shows in puppies less than 9 months of age.

Sometimes tear attains can form in the wrinkles on the face, you should first determine the cause of the tears, then clean the wrinkles of the face with hydrogen peroxide.

5 Responses to “French bulldog care tips”

  1. I have a 5 month of french bulldog that I’m not sure if I am feeding too little or if he is simply a pig. I’m feeding his a ScienceDiet puppy food, 2/3 of a cup in the morning and evening (6am and 5pm) and 1/3 of a cup at noon (I had a tiny amount of hot water ot moisten the dry food and I let it cool before he goes after it). Based on the way he easts (all 3 meals) you would think I was starving him- yet, according to the dog food label, I may be slighly overfeeding him. He is roughly 18 pounds. The vet said he looked wonderful at the last visit. Also, is there any way to train a dog to chew, rather than inhale?

  2. I have a white Frenchie who has major skin hot spots and eye irritation. Everything gets very pinkish. The only thing that works is when the vet gives her a shot of antibiotics and cortisone for the itch. This lasts only 2 weeks. I have tried Golden Seal, Apple Cider Vinegar, Benadryl, and Tea bags. Nothing seems to help my little girl. Where can I found out what is wrong with her?

  3. The end of Yoda’s( my white/brindle frenchy) skin problems was when I started to use a cream made of tea tree oil by a company called Melaleuca. Maybe you can find something similar made by another company.I don’t recomend using pure tea tree oil because is too strong,especially if your dog is a puppy. The results were amazing in 3 days his red inflamed bumps were much better.In a week they were all gone and his fur grew back really fast. I’m so happy to see him healthy and without the itch.

  4. to andy:

    the best way to “train” your puppy not to inhale his food is to use a bigger dish and place a tennis ball or some such thing into it. this way, the puppy has to eat around the object which slows the process down.

    my frenchie Kanye is a little piglet and would inhale as much food as i put in his bowl with no signs of stopping. just stick to the recommended diet on the label and give treats. kanye and bianchi love carrots and sometimes a little bit of cheese.

  5. My Frenchie is 3 and every time he eats he spits it back up! I have tried many different dog foods and still the same thing I have even tried the tennis ball trick. Does anyone have any answers?

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