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French bulldog facts

| French Bulldog Facts | May 1, 2008

This color and pattern are referred to as black masked fawn. The base color of the coat can vary in shade from red to tan. The mask refers to the marking pattern on the face.Image via Wikipedia

* Do French bulldogs make good pets and companions?

The French bulldog makes an excellent companion, the frenchie requires very little exercise and is very easy to groom.

* Do French bulldogs make good guard dogs?

The frenchie can make an excellent guard dog due to its protective and territorial traits.

* Are French bulldogs good with children?

All dogs should be watched carefully when around children however the frenchie is normally good around children.

* Are French bulldogs easy to train?

The French bulldog does like to please its owner however they can be stubborn and hard headed, if you make the training into a game then they are more inclined to learn quicker.

* Doe’s the French bulldog bark a lot?

The French bulldog is rather a quiet dog who generally isn’t regarded as a barker.

* I live in an apartment; will it be big enough for a French bulldog?

French bulldogs are an excellent breed for an apartment as they don’t take up too much room and don’t require a lot of exercise; of course you should always give your dog a walk every day and let it enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise.

* I heard French bulldogs suffer from breathing problems?

Sometimes a French bulldog will have laboured or noisy breathing, their smaller nose openings can sometimes exaggerate their already noisy characteristics.

* Do French bulldogs shed a lot of hair?

The French bulldog has shorter hair and is single coated which means they shed less than many other breeds * Are French bulldogs easy to breed? Assistance may be needed from a vet as the French bulldog can sometimes be difficult to breed naturally; it is one breed that is harder to breed than many others.

* Are there any particular problems during birth?

Due to the shape and size of the French bulldog puppy’s head most puppies are in fact born by caesarean section with the help of a vet, they are not one of the easiest breeds to breed and often need help when giving birth. You should think very carefully before attempting to breed and deliver puppies yourself.

* Is the French bulldog easy to housetrain?

As is the case in all breeds of dog some are easier to housetrain then others, try to encourage them to use a certain area within the home after they eat, before they sleep and first thing on waking.

* I heard the French bulldog snores?

Due to problems with the breeds breathing deficiencies most French bulldogs will snore when they lay down, but providing otherwise your puppy or dog is healthy then this is just a natural trait with the French bulldog.

14 Responses to “French bulldog facts”

  1. Are french bulldogs good around other dogs??

  2. we love our 9 month old frenchie, however, she will not stop hockey checking my 13 year old cat. I fear she will hurt my cat due to her stature. help? Any ideas out there. other than that….she is an absolute doll that we adore.

  3. Hi,
    I have a 7mnth old frenchie and he’s great… and from my experience with him, other bulldogs and being around his parents, I’ve come to the conclusion that bulldogs are natrually rough with dogs and children. Due to their size I’m sure they’re jus trying to play and doesn’t notice their fat butts are running over everyone…lol…

  4. I absolutely love frenchies and I live in an apartment, but I’m very worried about the snoring – do all frenchies snore? can you encourage them to sleep in a different way to lessen the snoring?

    it would be a shame to not be able to sleep with the little guy

  5. I have two frenchies, one snores incessantly (even while awake) and the other one rarely snores at all. The one that snores is more “rolly polly” (a nice term for fat) than the one who doesn’t snore, that could be a factor. Unfortunately, the snoring does not improve no matter what position she is in, especially when she is in a deep sleep. So our dogs sleep in their kennel at night, in a different room. However, they are kenneled when we are not home also, so they are comfortable in there, and the few times we have had them sleep with us they were very restless. I highly recommend owning a frenchie or two, even with the snoring, they are the biggest clowns and bring us so much joy:)

  6. I have 2 Frenchies, one male, one female. The male is a year old and has been a very loud sleeper for a long time, and also snorts a lot. My female isn’t as loud, but who knows how long that will stay 😉 You can’t really put them in a different position as they are going to just move back to whatever way is more comfortable for them. You will get use to the snoring, i promise!

  7. I have a 3 month old male and he snores, but I let him sleep in the bed with me. I was thinking about getting another one.

  8. I live with ten frenchies and if you do not like the smell of fart or the sound of chainsaw snoring, then the french bull is not the breed for you. They are dominant, even trying to beat up 100 lb pit bulls. They are fearless, funny, and shed more than a Russian chemo patient. They are the best friends a guy could have and the biggest little a@$hole dogs money can buy!!

  9. I have a male Frenchy about a year old. From my experience the snoring is not that bad, yes you can hear it, no it doesn’t rattle the roof. The “gas” hasn’t been to much of an issue, it can smell bad but I have yet to pass any gas that smells good, lol. Having had a Yellow Lab I can tell you that the shedding is minimal. I wish my Lab shed as little as my Frenchy. Having no undercoat and being small in size helps a lot.
    Like with people every Frenchy is different however I have found them to be very close to the breed specs. Amazing, cute, FUNNY, loving and caring dogs. Highly Recommended!

  10. I have a Lab and am thinking about getting a Frenchie. Would they get along?

  11. My biggest concern re Frenchies is the amount born with serious breathing difficulties. We love our 6 year old Frenchie, but he can never be walked in even slightly warm weather and this has limited the amount of fun he can enjoy outside with the family.He has had two operations to shorten his soft palate and remove laryngeal saccules – be prepared for this significant expense. There will always be a risk of serious breathing limitations until all breeders aim for a slightly longer muzzle and wider trachea. Our next one will be chosen for health and not show confirmation. Many examples are fine but you do run the gauntlet when choosing a puppy.

  12. i have a french it is so good but he likes to bite i think hes playing but it is quite inoing sorry about my spelling

  13. My frenchie sheds a lot and barks a lot. It really depends on the dog. (They usually get along with children but they play too hard sometimes so they might cause injuries if the kids are too small..)+They are very clever dogs but can be very stubborn sometimes..They are funny

  14. I love my French Bull dog puppy she is smart and she is well trained and she listens well when called she runs to me right away and she pretty much just goes by what i say she is definatelly my dog, her name is Mickey and she is the sweetest thing a real love bug

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