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Top 10 essential dog caring tips

| Care Tips, Dog Training, Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

maggie_girlImage by Bill in Ash Vegas via Flickr

Your dog is your companion who will give you many years of love, friendship and loyalty in exchange for loving care, safe shelter, clean water and decent food. They also rely on you to provide them with health care when they are ill and regular exercise and grooming to help keep them fit and healthy. Listed below are 10 essentials for keeping your dog fit and healthy for many years to come:

1. make sure that you give your dog a collar and that it includes an identity tag with your name and telephone number on it, or even better have an electronic tag fitted just under your dogs skin, this makes it easy to track your dog should it get lost or stolen.

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How to choose a good dog breeder

| Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

A responsible breeder checks each puppy for health and conformation.Image via Wikipedia

Whichever breed of dog you are looking to buy it is important that you choose a good breeder from which to purchase your puppy, a reputable breeder will always ask you several questions before they will let you buy a puppy and of course you should have several questions of your own for the breeder. Of course when you are buying a puppy you should first determine what role the dog will play, if you want a puppy as a companion and pet or if you will want to show the dog.

Puppies bred specifically for showing are of course more expensive than ones who are to be just pets, the only difference being a show dog will have to meet strict requirements set out for the breed while the pet may have colour miss-markings or some such trait that it doesn’t meet up to the high standards required for showing. Points you should look for when choosing a breeder are:

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French bulldog puppy behaviour

| Frenchie Behaviors | May 1, 2008

MarciaImage by purpletwinkie via Flickr

Your new puppy’s parents and its genes will play a big part in how your puppy will turn out when it’s fully grown into an adult dog, you of course as the owner will also be able to influence this outcome. By petting, playing and teaching your new puppy good behaviour you can help your puppy to develop good socialisation skills.

Your puppy will have been weaned around the age of 6 weeks but they still learn valuable lessons from their mother up to around 8 t0 10 weeks, this is the time when they are ready to leave their mothers and litter mates. Here is a general guideline to your puppy’s stages of development:

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