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Dogs: Male vs. bitch puppy

| French Bulldog Facts, Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

This color can be referred to as either liver or brown - each is a disqualification within the AKC or FCI breed standards. Dog has NO brindling, and is a uniform reddish - brown, with self pigmented lips, nose, pads,etc. Eyes have a yellowish hue.Image via Wikipedia

Once you have decided on the right type of breed for you then the next important decision you will have to make is which sex to go for, a male or female, or put in the correct terms a “dog” or a “bitch”. Don’t let the term “bitch” put you off, however crude it may seem, unfortunately in the dog world “bitch” is the correct terminology for a female puppy or dog. There are both good and bad points with either sex just as there is in humans and your personal preference for either sex might sway you, but here are some tips to help you should you be undecided:

The male dog

The pros

* Male dogs can tend to be more lovable towards their owner.

* Male dogs can be more outgoing, more vigorous and more in your face.

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How to choose a good dog breeder

| Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

A responsible breeder checks each puppy for health and conformation.Image via Wikipedia

Whichever breed of dog you are looking to buy it is important that you choose a good breeder from which to purchase your puppy, a reputable breeder will always ask you several questions before they will let you buy a puppy and of course you should have several questions of your own for the breeder. Of course when you are buying a puppy you should first determine what role the dog will play, if you want a puppy as a companion and pet or if you will want to show the dog.

Puppies bred specifically for showing are of course more expensive than ones who are to be just pets, the only difference being a show dog will have to meet strict requirements set out for the breed while the pet may have colour miss-markings or some such trait that it doesn’t meet up to the high standards required for showing. Points you should look for when choosing a breeder are:

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Frenchie Owner Tips

| Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

Red fawn pied French Bulldogs. Paler versions are sometimes referred to as fawn pied, lemon pied or honey pied.Image via Wikipedia

The French bulldog or “Frenchie” as they are charmingly nicknamed is a delightful little animal which can make an excellent companion, guard dog and is also excellent around children.

It is however a breed that doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time but rather loves spending time with a companion and is regarded as a faithful companion dog. The French bulldog has earned itself several nicknames which includes “a clown”, “fearless” and “gay” and due to its small size needs very limited space so is ideal for those that live in apartments.

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Temperament of the french bulldog

| Frenchie Behaviors | May 1, 2008

This pattern is referred to as brindle pied. Brindled areas - areas where fawn is overlaid with black striping - are interspersed with areas of white coat. Markings can be slight, or predominant.Image via Wikipedia

One of the biggest traits of the French bulldog that almost all owners of this delightful little playful dog will tell you is that it is a clown; the breed has been dubbed absolutely hilarious and delightful. If you are looking for a faithful companion pet then you can do no better than the little Frenchie. Here are some useful tips :
The French bulldog has one of the sweetest personalities of any breed of dog and is well known as the joker who is easy going for the majority of the time, although just as with people dogs differ too in personality and while the Frenchie has an excellent temperament they can have their off days just as anyone can.

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