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How to determine the price of a French bulldog

| My Franchie | May 1, 2008

This color can be referred to as either liver or brown - each is a disqualification within the AKC or FCI breed standards. Dog has NO brindling, and is a uniform reddish - brown, with self pigmented lips, nose, pads,etc. Eyes have a yellowish hue.Image via Wikipedia

The cost of the French bulldog is mostly determined by the quality of the breed, if you are looking for a dog that meets the standard for the breed to a tee with the option of showing the dog at dog shows then you will pay more for a puppy than you would if you just had in mind to have the dog as a pet.

A French bulldog sold just as a pet will not meet the high standards that are needed and meet the specific criteria that is set out in the breed standard, this might be that the ears are slightly too small than that of the standard or they don’t stand right on the head. This of course doesn’t defer from the dogs appearance and lovability of course and the puppy is worthy of buying if you just want a companion dog and of course they are cheaper, but if you want a dog for show then you will have to ensure that it does meet the exact standards and of course the show breeders will charge a high price for a puppy that come from show stock quality.

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