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Buying pet shop puppies

| Buyers Guide, French Bulldog Facts, Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

A Great Pyrenees pup.Image via Wikipedia

Every pet shop that sells puppies will assure you that their puppies don’t come from puppy mills but only from the finest breeders who have surplus stock, this is often a downright lie and this is reason alone for you not to buy your puppy from a pet store.

A responsible reputable breeder would never sell their litters to a pet store in the first place, the simple reason for this is that a pet store must by law sell a puppy to anyone who walks in and can pay for the puppy, regardless of if that person can take care of a puppy. A pet shop by law isn’t allowed to screen buyers before selling them a puppy and a responsible breeder always screens potential buyers to assure their puppies only go to good homes.

The pet shop owners and staff are trained on how best to sell their wares and unfortunately this also includes live animals, selling is all that matters regardless of whether the person buying can look after a young puppy or not. Here are two of the lies you should be aware of.

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French bulldog puppy behaviour

| Frenchie Behaviors | May 1, 2008

MarciaImage by purpletwinkie via Flickr

Your new puppy’s parents and its genes will play a big part in how your puppy will turn out when it’s fully grown into an adult dog, you of course as the owner will also be able to influence this outcome. By petting, playing and teaching your new puppy good behaviour you can help your puppy to develop good socialisation skills.

Your puppy will have been weaned around the age of 6 weeks but they still learn valuable lessons from their mother up to around 8 t0 10 weeks, this is the time when they are ready to leave their mothers and litter mates. Here is a general guideline to your puppy’s stages of development:

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