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How to choose a vet for your French bulldog

| Bulldog Health | May 1, 2008

French Bulldog undergoing Caesarean SectionImage via Wikipedia

Your French bulldog dog or frenchie puppy will be just like one of the family and just like the rest of your family you will want to give them the best medical care available when they are ill, so how do you choose the right vet for your dog or puppy?

Due to the several medical problems that French bulldogs especially face, such as their shorter breathing system which can cause them breathing problems and of course interfere with anaesthesia, it is important that you find a vet which knows a little about the frenchie and its problems.

Most vets will know a vast amount of information on any particular breed and how to treat and deal with problems associated with that breed, but it is worthwhile double checking this and choosing your vet before they are needed.

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