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Teaching your French bulldog puppy tips

| Care Tips, Frenchie Behaviors, Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

French BulldogImage via Wikipedia

By the time you bring your new puppy home he will probably be around 8 to 10 weeks old and this is the perfect age to start teaching him. French bulldogs are known for their stubbornness so it is important that you start out as you mean to go on from the word go. Here are some of the most important things you should start teaching your new puppy straight away:


The routine

It is very important to teach your new puppy how life will be in his new home, puppies like to feel safe and have some kind of routine to their day and now is a good time to start. Some of the things you should teach him are:

* Where he will sleep.

* Where to find his food and water.

* When it is time to go to bed and get up.

* Where he will go to the bathroom.

* Where his toys are.

Once this is established your puppy will begin to form a bond with his master, he will find that you are dependable and can provide him with what he needs, he will feel safe. You can then go onto teaching other just as important things such as:

* What the word “NO” means – this is a word that you will probably find yourself repeating very often in the beginning, however by repeating it every time your puppy does something wrong he should quickly learn what the word means.

* Housetraining – this is the perfect age to start teaching your new puppy housetraining, you can introduce him to his bathroom and persist in taking him there every half hour, however due to the young age it can take several months for his young bladder to grow strong enough to stop accidents from happening.

* Being handled and groomed – your new puppy will be just like a young child always wanting to play and run around, however you should start a grooming regime at this young age to get into good habits. It is also wise to get your puppy used to being handled and picked up.

* To be gentle – now is a good time to teach your puppy how to be gentle, for example when he is taking something from your hand or when he has something in his mouth you want to take from him. You should teach him not to bite, grab or hold onto anything tightly.

9 Responses to “Teaching your French bulldog puppy tips”

  1. Hi,
    I have a beautiful French Bulldog puppy. He is 3 months and half and by now the ears did not rise up.
    What I shoul do in this case?

    Thank you.

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  3. Awesome videos, that was a great article and video’s to boot. Bulldogs are the best dogs, my family has owned them for gnereations.

  4. I just bought a frenchie a week ago and one thing has been bugging me. The breeder has tattoo’d her with a number. Is this even legal? It seems a little inhumane to me. A friend says this means she was shipped from another country. Any ideas on this?

  5. Hi Travis–I’m afraid your friends is right—your puppy was imported. You might want to contact the experts at wrongpuppy.com for more info and help.Good Luck

  6. I have a 3 months french bulldog. I leave in a apartment and do not have time to take him outside, so how can I potty train him inside?

    Actually, I have a training pad at the laundry room where food is also placed. He only goes to this room to eat, never for potty, and takes the training pad for playing. Instead, he peeing and pu anywhere in the house (in bedrooms, leaving room, dinning room…) Please help me; I might be doing something wrong.

  7. It’s ok to have a comment.

  8. hi
    Dogs do not like to potty anywhere near their food or bed. You need to separate these functions or it will never be trained.

  9. My 3 month old is doing well with potty training. But, I am wondering how to keep her face clean …she is white and black.She is eating Science Diet food.The white looks a bit discolored on her white fur. Any ideas?

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