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Temperament of the french bulldog

| Frenchie Behaviors | May 1, 2008

This pattern is referred to as brindle pied. Brindled areas - areas where fawn is overlaid with black striping - are interspersed with areas of white coat. Markings can be slight, or predominant.Image via Wikipedia

One of the biggest traits of the French bulldog that almost all owners of this delightful little playful dog will tell you is that it is a clown; the breed has been dubbed absolutely hilarious and delightful. If you are looking for a faithful companion pet then you can do no better than the little Frenchie. Here are some useful tips :
The French bulldog has one of the sweetest personalities of any breed of dog and is well known as the joker who is easy going for the majority of the time, although just as with people dogs differ too in personality and while the Frenchie has an excellent temperament they can have their off days just as anyone can.
While the French bulldog will generally get along with anyone and everybody they do tend to choose one person in particular and then stick with that person. The bond that the Frenchie develops with his main carer and owner is like no other and they are completely devoted and thrive on attention and love, they do not do well when left alone for long periods of time. The French bulldog isn’t a dog that you can own and then ignore except for when you want it around, it is a companion dog and it does need lots of attention and above all love from its owner, the Frenchie is not a dog that can be left alone outside in a kennel as it simply will not thrive without love and affection.

The French bulldog’s temperament with other dogs is generally considered to be good; the majority of time they will get along with other dogs and even other pets in the household but the male dog can sometimes be very aggressive with other males.

While the French bulldog is a very sweet adorable clown the breed does tend to have a mind of its own at times and can be very wilful, you do have to have a firm voice when it comes to training but it is essential that you are very persistent but patient when it comes to the training. Never ever be tempted to hit or jerk your French bulldog around if it doesn’t do as you want, they will not respond to this and will more often than not rebel against it.

The French bulldog does have an excellent temperament with children but because of its small size it can feel intimidated and it can tire easily when around boisterous children, it is a relatively good breed but is best not left at the mercy of very small children and is best with older children who are more considerate and will not chase the poor dog around if he should want to rest. On the other hand some French bulldogs simply seem to have all the energy in the world and are continually on the other move almost all day long; they can be over enthusiastic and don’t know when enough is enough, they can make a lot of noise to get your attention although they are not considered to be yappy.

Just as with people dogs do differ and while the above is a relatively true picture of the average breed of the French bulldog the Frenchie can vary, some are more boisterous than others but almost all French bulldogs have the loyalty and love for their owners which makes them an excellent companion.

13 Responses to “Temperament of the french bulldog”

  1. hi, i have adorable Frenchie female 18 month old who suddenly all over became very aggresive towards other fem Boston terrier (6yrs old) and now they hate each others guts.
    My little Frenchie was the only girsl in a litter (she had 7 brothers) and even as a small pup always used to eat like she expects to be attacked.
    is is any chance I can brake this aggressive behavior so we can have peace in a hose again?
    if somebody has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.
    p.s. otherwise, the articel is right- she is very sweet with the people and everybody around adores her, but… she hates the other female.

    thank you,

  2. Andre Small on October 8, 2008 @ 2:52 am

    I bought to french bulldog puppies, One male now 9 weeks and one female 11 weeks . The male is a pleasure and the female is a terror! Not acting like the typical frenchie at all.Barking and just full of to much energy. almost as if she were a Jack Russell or Boston Terrier. My roommates are starting to regret getting her and the talk has started about selling her. She’s beautiful but noting like any frenchie I’ve ever had. Is selling her now after only two weeks the answer?

  3. Hi–I think you should talk to your vet, and contact some of the main frenchie website, like french bulldog club of america, and ask some experts.
    I’ve read that this is typical behavior of the pups being imported from Russia, then purchased by unscrupulous breeders, who pass them off as home-bred. Some websites list vets who specialize in this breed; try to find one of these.
    good luck!

  4. I also have a french bulldog cross pug. she is aggressive towards my little peekapoo, I also have a Boston and a Lab, she dares not terrorize them, however does terrorize the little one when he gets attention.One day I am afraid she will kill him, she is sweet and adorable to everone and all other of my pets.
    She seems to want all the attention, Should I start crating her at night again in our bedroom and not let her on the bed?.
    I Love her lots but am afraid… They are good friends when I am not around, so I am told. Please Help…..She also,even though she knows better likes to poo and pee in the house when I do not see, then eat it. What am I to do?
    Erica M

  5. Hello fellow Frenchie lovers,

    We have an amazing sixteen week old male Frenchie, Rocco. He is such a joy, but there is one thing that we can not seem to break, and we need advice on, please. We keep Rocco in his crate at night, no more than a 5-6 hour stretch. My husband takes him outside before he is placed in the crate for the night, and Rocco always pees, usually poops outside.

    Then we place him in the crate with a crate pad and a paper pad for “in case” accidents. It is not unusual for him to pee overnight in the crate, usually on the paper pad which he pushes away from him, but the past week he has pooped in the crate. Initially, he did it on the paper pad and pushed it away, but last night he did it o the crate pad, and it looked like he tap danced in it before sitting on top of it. It was a two person effort that took over half an hour to clean off his paws this morning, and we do not want this to become a regular occurrence….
    Every dog owner we know says that puppies dont poop where they sleep, but Rocco is defying every standard…

    We would really appreciate input/suggestions on this issue…

    Thanks so much!

  6. To Rocco Love,

    Sounds like a cutie! For housebreaking the crate is the best way, however it sounds like you have potty pads in there? Thats very confusing for the dog, its encouraging it to go in its crate.

    Take out all the bedding, yes, let it sleep on the plastic tray only for awhile, also the crate should not be large enough for it to scoot its mess to one side and be able to sleep on the other. The crate should be just big enough for Rocco to stretch out all the way when laying down and to turn around. If its to big purchase a crate divider or find a box or something to make the crate a bit smaller. As he grows you can expand slowly. I have a corgi pup who would go in the crate until our dog trainer told us to take everything out and he has never gone in his crate again. He is 11 months old now but was housebroken in about a month.

    Hope this helps! Im thinking of getting a frenchie not sure yet but they are so neat!

  7. Hi,

    This is an answer that might help the people with the sixteen week old Frenchie. When first got our puppy we put the crate in the room and had a doggy playpen around the crate.
    You can then leave the crate gate open and put the papers just outside the crate and almost always the puppy does not like to soil its bed and will come out onto the papers to relieve itself. We also put a sheet over the crate and playpen, like a den, which makes the puppy feel a bit more secure. During the day I only closed the crate if I had to go out for a while and it was only at night he was in longer and this is where the playpen comes in handy. I hope you can try this and it works.

  8. We have a 6 month old French Bulldog. He seems to poop many times through out the day and has gotten to the point where he will eat his poop when in the cage. Somedays he will keep his cage clean while we are at work and some days he will not. He is getting to where he understands better. Our concern is he is eating his poop through the night or daytime.

  9. I just got an 8 week old frenchie, he is cute as can be but he starting eating his poop! Is this normal for french bulldogs? Not only did he eat it but a few hours later he vomited “it”. Help!

  10. Very common for puppies to do this. Do everything you can to intercept this behavior.
    Pineapple from the can (a little nibble or two)
    can help. Does not taste good the second time!
    Good luck

  11. I am thinking of getting a french bulldog puppy..she was born in December and it is now March so she is about 3 months old. My problem is that I already have the best cat in the world and I am worried how these two will get along. My cat is almost 2 years old. Please advise..thanks

  12. I have the same concern as the above. My cat is a bossy female about 4 years old. She is a terror around other cats, but i have never put her anywhere near a dog. I was also curious as to which gender do you prefer? I like boys, but females (in my experience) are generally cleaner.

  13. Hello, we have 3 Frenchie girls. Our oldest girl has been our pet since she was 4 months old and is now 3 1/2 yrs old. Than our black brindle girl we got @ 9 wks old and now 1 1/2 yrs old. The last girl we just bought as adult and only had her a month. Although we just adore our frenchies I basically have raise, breed and show Yorkies and Biewer Terriers. Two wks ago our first frenchie girl and my Biewer male attacked and almost killed my Yorkie sire 4 lbs. This has not been the first time our Frenchie girl has engaged in this behavior although it had been awhile.
    Tan yesterday both her and our brindle girl cornered in the dog house one of my Biewer Terrier girls which is possibly pregnant and mauled her up although not as serious due to I was close by and managed to get them off her quickly. Has anyone else expierenced this type of gang type activity in their frenchie females? I love all my dogs but, my Yorkies are my heart due to I have been breeding them 14 yrs. I am at a loss and thinking the Frenchies have to go. Theyy are inside/outside dogs and have seperate runs but, will let them out periodically to play together. My Yorkies and Biewers are not aggressive at all nor do they taunt the frenchies. Sometimes they will bark at them while the frenchies play together but, that is about it. HELP…any ideas will be great.

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