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What to look for in a boarding kennel

| French Bulldog Facts, Frenchie Owners menu | May 1, 2008

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However much we love our dog there may be times when it’s just not possible to be together and during this time we may need to place them into a boarding kennel. It will be hard leaving your dog especially if this is the first time and you’ll worry if they are going to be looked after well, will they miss you, and will they get taken for a walk or be comforted if there scared.

These are all natural feelings as your dog will be part of the family and you wouldn’t leave one of the members of your family with just anyone. The same applies to your dog with a little careful checking and looking around you can find a boarding kennel which can satisfy all your questions. Here are some tips when choosing a boarding kennel:

How to find a good kennel

A good place to start is with family and friends, ask around which kennel they have used and what they felt about it, if friends and family haven’t used one then considering getting a recommendation from your vet. Once you have got some names then do a little investigation work into the kennel, most reputable kennels now have websites where they show information on the kennels and even pictures of the accommodation where dogs are kept.

Most kennels have to meet certain standards and gain certification so look for this, when you think you have found one or two that meets your requirements call them and ask if they can accommodate your dog and plan a visit there.

All good kennels will be only too happy to show you around the facility and let you meet members of staff who will be helping to look after your pet. Feel free to ask any questions or worries you have and also to point out any special requirements that your dog might have.

What to look for at the kennel

On your visit to the kennel pay particular attention to the following:

* Make sure the kennel looks and smells clean.

* Make sure the area where the dogs are kept is light and airy.

* Is the temperature comfortable.

* Do the staff members seem happy in their work, do they seem loving and caring.

* Does each dog have somewhere they can get exercise, such as an outdoor or indoor run.

* Are the runs protected from the elements.

* Is there bedding or resting boards so the dogs can get off the concrete floor.

* Is there adequate space for the food and water bowls.

* How often are the dogs fed and watered.

* Can the owner bring special food if required.

* What vet services are there in the kennel.

* Does the kennel provide grooming, bathing and training.

The pros and cons

The pros

* A boarding kennel avoids the stress of a long journey on your pet to your holiday destination.

* He’ll be somewhere where he’s welcome unlike some hotels.

* Hell receive more attention than he would being left in the hotel room for the day.

* You’ll have more freedom on your holiday.

* Your dog will be monitored all day.

* Your dog will be secure and safe.

The cons

* Your dog could get stressed being in an unfamiliar environment.

* Your dog may be exposed to illness from other pets.

* Choosing a kennel can be difficult and cause you worry.

* If the kennel is a long way from your home your dog could become stressed on the journey.



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